Independent Study Packets for Kids

Elapen Independent Study Packets are designed to get kids excited to learn about the world around them. Packed with fun worksheets, illustrations and puzzles, kids get the chance to explore interesting topics at their own pace.

Well illustrated educational material for kids. Lots of information. My kid enjoyed the financial literacy, puzzles, and comics the most!
Mother of Augustine
My kid loved the magazine! Definitely a great after dinner idea. He learned a lot of new information about the forests and trees. We're BOTH waiting for the next issue!
Mother of Christopher
Interesting topics

Every month, our team of teachers prepares new educational magazine for kids to explore a new topic and learn about the world around them.

Relevant content

In every magazine, kids will find illustrated content featuring the topic of the month taught through various math, financial literacy, emotional Intelligence, reading and many more activities!

Unexpected facts

New topic every month – new unexpected facts on every page will leave your kid amazed with the world around them and curious to learn more!

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