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Unlock a Theme-Based Adventure Map

One click, and you’re off on an incredible adventure! With new adventure maps added all the time, our themes encourage curiosity and foster a love for learning. Our map vault allows kids to use keys to unlock their choice in adventures. Once an adventure map is unlocked, the map will be open for them forever, and their progress is automatically saved after each visit.

A Guided Educational Journey

Each adventure map allows kids to progress through its assigned theme. They guide learners through topics, with each level considered a milestone in their learning journey. The maps’ interactive levels are filled with readings, games, quizzes, videos, and trivia to create engaging lessons that are easily absorbed and retained. Not only will kids be engaged, but they will be excited to complete and accomplish an adventure.

Earn certificates and collect trophies!

A sense of accomplishment is essential for the developing brain. With the completion of every map, our students receive a personalized printable certificate and a digital trophy that they can store in their very own digital trophy room!

Celebrating our student successes is important to us. Appreciating their learning journey may increase their self-esteem, boosts their happiness, and give them the confidence to keep learning. And a happy and confident student has the potential of becoming a lifelong learner.

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