Independent Study Packets for kids

Print a World of Learning

Elapen’s printable workbooks are designed to get kids excited to learn about the world around them. 


Independent Study Packets

What’s inside?


Kids stay curious as each of Elapen’s workbooks focuses on a different, exciting theme every month.


Independent learners and thinkers can explore topics further through fun and engaging worksheets.


For extra practice our workbooks have math activities for four different levels.

Financial Literacy

Make good choices. Our workbooks dedicate one page to help kids understand the meaning of money.

Emotional Intelligence

Tough topics the easy way. Independent check-ins for kids to understand more about themselves.


Crosswords, puzzles, and quizzes to fuel kids imaginations and improve their problem-solving skills.

Let the Adventure Begin

All their Questions Answered


Parents Love our Workbooks

Every month I get my kids (7 and 9) a workbook of some kind to keep learning fun and their logical minds working. So far these independent study packs have done a perfect job. As a VERY busy parent, I love them!

Emily P. Canada

Bought this for my daughter. She made a mistake on one of the crosswords but skipped the tears since I told her we could always print it again! So convenient.

Christine M. France

We’ve been using Elapen magazines for the past couple of years. Full of activities that are fun and engaging. Great for quiet time.

Raminta K. Lithuania

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