The life of Explorer Captain Jacques Cousteau

Name: Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Born: 11 June 1910, Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Gironde, France.

Died: 25 June 1997 at 87 years old in Paris, France.

Nationality: French.

Job: Oceanographer, Explorer.

Jacques Cousteau was an amazing explorer who discovered a lot of new things about the ocean. He showed us that the ocean is a beautiful and interesting place, and we can learn so much from it. He was also an advocate for preserving our oceans, which is super important! We can all learn from Jacques Cousteau how to appreciate and care for our environment.

What did Jacques Cousteau do?

Jacques Cousteau devoted his life to exploring oceans around the world and educating people on their importance. He loved wearing a red beanie on his head and being on his famous ship named Calypso. He wrote books and even starred in documentaries!  

Cousteau was a renowned ambassador for the ocean, and he worked hard to protect it from pollution and over-fishing. 

Did you know? Cousteau was one of the first people to predict the unique way that whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures use sound and vibrations to ‘see’. 

Was he always a famous oceanographer?

No! Before Cousteau would go on to be one of history’s most renowned oceanographers and environmentalists, he was actually part of the French Navy. He served during World War II as an officer before joining resistance forces that were fighting against German occupation. 

Did you know? Captain Jacques Cousteau didn’t always know that he would work with the ocean. When he was young, he wanted to become a pilot! 

Did Jacques Cousteau invent SCUBA DIVING?

Not exactly! People have been diving for years, but Jacques Cousteau, with the engineer Emile Gagnan created the first scuba diving equipment in 1943. They called it the AQUA-LUNG! Cousteau also helped invent many other pieces of equipment for marine exploration: a submarine to go to the seafloor and several underwater cameras!  

Did you know? The word SCUBA is actually an acronym! It stands for “Self-contained Underwater-Breathing Apparatus”.

Jacques Cousteau is an amazing role model for kids who love the ocean. He left behind a legacy of science and conservation that we can all be proud of. He showed us that we can’t destroy these delicate habitats by pollution, climate change, or overfishing because they are essential for life on earth. His passion for exploration has inspired generations of future marine biologists and explorers! 

Thank you, Captain Jacques Cousteau!

Pretty cool, right?

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