Why do Archaeologists need Artifacts?

What is an Archaeologist?

Think about an archaeologist. What comes to mind? Maybe you think of someone who studies ancient ruins, or maybe somebody who digs through dirt trying to find old objects. You’re partly right! Archaeologists are interested in learning about past cultures and civilizations by studying the objects that people from those cultures created and used.

Why does an Archaeologist need to find artifacts?

Artifacts give archaeologists a lot of information about how people lived in the past. Any physical object like stone tools, pottery, or metal objects found by archaeologists during a dig is considered an artifact. For example, if an archaeologist discovers an old pot, they can learn what kind of materials were used to make it, how it was decorated, what it was used for, and even where it came from. That’s why archaeological discoveries can be so valuable – they can tell us a lot about our history! 

What is an artifact?

Have you ever seen something that was really old and wondered what it was used for? Or maybe you saw something in a museum and wanted to know more about it? If so, then you’ve encountered artifacts! 

An artifact is anything that is made or used by people. It can be a tool, a weapon, or a piece of jewelry. Artifacts can tell us a lot about the people who made them and the culture they lived in. They can even tell us how people lived, what they ate, and what they believed in. They are really interesting to look at and learn about!

Three mind-blowing examples of famous artifacts:

  1. King Tut’s Funerary Mask, Egypt
  2. Terracotta Army, China
  3. Dead Sea Scrolls, Israel

If you’re curious about archaeology and history, be sure to check out artifacts at your local museum. Don’t forget to ask a lot of questions! 

Pretty cool, right?

If you want to learn more about artifacts and Archaeology, just keep exploring Elapen’s blog posts, check out some of our cool DIY projects, or play some online games. Whatever you decide, get ready to go on an amazing educational adventure! 

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