Unique Learning System

Lots of Adventures

With new adventure maps added all the time, our themes encourage curiosity and foster a love for learning. Choose the adventure that you want and start learning!

Guided Journeys

Each adventure map allows kids to progress through its assigned theme. They guide learners through topics, with each level considered a milestone in their learning journey.

Topic Readings

No matter what adventure you choose – we have prepared content that you need to learn to understand the topic better. With every step, you will understand the topic better!


After every level, we give you a few questions to see if you understood the topic correctly. Learn the topic gradually, complete the quizzes and move on to the next step!

Word Search

Once in a while, we will give you a Word Seach game to play! Find the hidden keywords related to the adventure you chose, improve your vocabulary, and move forward.

Fun Facts

Every map has hidden Easter Eggs for you to find. Collect them all, learn interesting facts about the topic, and get more excited to dig deeper and learn more!


Similar to quizzes, you will find Crosswords that will test your knowledge. Prove that you already learned the information to open a new level.

Memory Games

Fun games are always waiting for you. Memory games are one of them! Every time you will find a different memory game that is related to the adventure you chose.


Congratulations! After every successful adventure, you will get a new trophy in your Trophy Room, but that’s not it! You will also be able to print the certificate of completion!

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