Wild Boar Facts for Kids

Fun Facts about Forest Animals: The Wild Boar

Have you ever seen a wild boar? They are hairy and have shiny tusks! Wild boars can be dangerous, but they are also really cool animals. In this post, we will learn all about these amazing creatures! We will learn where they live, what they eat, what you call a baby wild boar, and more! 

Ready to learn some fun facts about wild boars? Let’s go! Wild Boar Facts for Kids!

What do wild boars look like?

When you first see a wild boar, you will notice that they have the same body shape as a typical pink pig that you would see at a farm. They have a long snout, small eyes, and large ears. But that’s where the similarities end. Wild boars have a thick coat of bristly hair that is usually either brown or black. Many wild boars have small pointy tusks that grow out the sides of their snout. These tusks help them dig up soil for food or fight off enemies. Some wild boars even grow a mane of hair on their head that goes all along their backs. Kind of like a mohawk hairstyle! 

Where do wild boars live?

Even though they are often called the ‘European wild boar’, the wild boar lives in many forests all over the world. You can find them in western and northern Europe, North Africa, India, the Andaman Islands, and China.

Wild boars prefer a habitat with plenty of shelter and water. They can be found living in savanna’s or agricultural areas but would rather spend most of their time hiding out in forests, shrublands, or marshy swamplands due to the constant supply of shelter like trees and grass for protection against any predators who are aiming to catch them!

What are the predators of a wild boar?

Depending on the country where the wild boar lives, their most common predators are large felines such as leopards, lynx, tigers, or other large carnivores like wolves or bears. Humans also hunt wild boars for food or sport. 

Do wild boars live alone?

Wild boars are a type of wild pig that usually live together in groups. Only older male wild boars live alone in solitary. 

What do wild boars eat?

Wild boars are omnivores. That means that they eat both plants and other animals. But the wild boar’s diet primarily consists of plants and vegetation like leaves, berries, and grasses. They use their hard snouts to excavate the ground for plant bulbs and roots. They also eat eggs, mice, lizards, worms, and snakes. Wild boars usually go out looking for food at night because they are nocturnal animals. 

What do you call a baby wild boar?

Like a regular farm pig, a baby wild boar is called a ‘piglet’, and sometimes they are called ‘boarlets’. 

Is it true that wild boars don't sweat?

It’s true! Like pigs, wild boars do not sweat. It’s one of the reasons that they like water so much! Water cools them down and protects them from insects and parasites. They also love mud! Wild boars like to pack mud on their skin to treat or prevent sunburn. 

Wild boars are interesting forest animals. They have a lot of cool features that help them survive in the wilderness, like their sharp tusks and tough skin! 

Pretty cool, right?

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