Types of Coniferous Trees for Kids

Types of Coniferous Trees

Do you know what a conifer is? A conifer is a type of tree that has needles instead of leaves and grows cones instead of flowers or fruits. There are lots of different kinds of coniferous trees. Some have soft needles, while others have really sharp needles! Some grow small cones, and others have huge cones! There are so many different kinds of coniferous trees, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Let’s take a look at a couple of different conifer trees to start: 

Pine Trees

Pines are evergreen conifers that have bundles of needles instead of leaves. There are over 120 species in the pine family that vary widely in size, from small ones only a few feet tall all way up into more giant trees towering 200ft high! Scientists believe that pines are some of the oldest trees on Earth. 

Cedar Tree

The cedars are evergreen trees that belong to the pine family. There are four species, or types, of cedars. Three were originally found only in mountain ranges around the Mediterranean Sea and then spread outwards. The other type grows high up in the Himalayan Mountains in the southern Asian region, where it has been used for centuries by people who value its beautiful reddish-colored wood and smell. When freshly cut, the smell of a cedar tree is often described as smelling like ‘spiced-wood’. 

Cypress Tree and Shrubs

Cypress trees grow in warm parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. They can reach 25 meters or more high. Some have a pyramid shape, while others are tall columns. The bark is sometimes smooth, but it forms plates or strips most of the time. The leaves are small and overlapping. Though the Cypress is a coniferous tree, it is not part of the Pine family. 

Fir Trees

Firs are part of the Pine family and are evergreen trees too. They grow in cool, wet climates and can be found all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Fir trees might seem like just another boring old conifer because their needles look similar to those on other species, such as the Spruce tree. However, they’re pretty different when you get close: the top of their needles look bright green or blue while the bottom is more silver-white. The needles’ flat shape gives them a unique appearance while making it hard for animals to climb or eat them! 

There are many types of coniferous trees. Some like the ones we mentioned, pine, cedar, and cypress, can grow to be very tall. But they come in smaller sizes too! Do you remember what all these kinds of trees have in common? That’s right, they’re coniferous, so they produce cones! 

If there’s one thing we find interesting is how much variety there is among trees. The next time you’re outside exploring or hiking through your local park, take some time to look closely at what kind of trees grow near you! 

Pretty cool, right?

If you want to learn more about forests and trees, just keep exploring Elapen’s blog posts, check out some of our cool DIY projects, or play some online games. Whatever you decide, get ready to go on an amazing educational adventure!

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