Types of Deciduous Trees for Kids

Types of Deciduous Trees

Do you know what a deciduous tree is? There are many different types of deciduous trees. Some have leaves that turn yellow in the fall, while others have leaves that turn red or purple. Most deciduous trees of the world lose all their leaves in autumn. This happens because they need to prepare for wintertime!

Read on to take a closer look at a couple different deciduous trees that you might be able to find in your own backyard!

The mighty Oak tree

Oak trees can sometimes take 100 years to mature fully, but they can live for another 900 years! A typical oak tree has a thick trunk, large branches spread wide at the bottom, and leaves with rounded edges. Oak trees grow acorns once a year, and these seeds are ready in the fall. Some oak trees produce 90,000 acorns a year!

Maple tree

Maple trees are often planted in parks and along city streets. They provide good shade because their leaves form a thick dome-like pattern. Every autumn, maple trees change color. They change to different shades of orange, yellow, and purple. It’s an amazing show from nature! There are about 200 different species of maples worldwide. This includes the maple tree that we get maple syrup from! 

Birch tree

Birch trees are tall and have narrow trunks. Their bark is usually white, and it has darker horizontal lines that go from side to side. Most young birch trees bark peels off really easily. In the summer, birch trees have bright green leaves. Their leaves are triangular shape with jagged edges. 

Ash tree

The ash tree grows in most parts of the world and has seeds commonly known as keys. Ash trees grow a fruit called samara. A white ash tree can live up to 260 years, and a green ash tree can live from 120 years to 175 years.  

Willow tree

You might be familiar with the most famous willow tree: the weeping willow. This large tree softly droops its branches and leaves towards the ground. Most willows are found in cool areas near rivers and lakes in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Willow trees have narrow green leaves, and the tree’s bark is either gray, brown, or black. Since willow trees are deciduous, they lose their leaves every autumn. 

Now, we’ve only covered five of them, but there are many more types of deciduous trees! The next time you’re outside exploring or hiking through your neighborhood park, take some time to check out what local trees are growing near you! 

Pretty cool, right?

If you want to learn more about forests and trees, just keep exploring Elapen’s blog posts, check out some of our cool DIY projects, or play some online games. Whatever you decide, get ready to go on an amazing educational adventure! 

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