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With over 40 pages of activities, your kid will start to love their independent, screen-free time once again. Every printable workbook is delivered to you in two formats: one in full color and one in easy-to-print grayscale. You can choose to print the whole workbook at once or select page by page.

Engaging Topics

This month’s Elapen workbook tackles the intricate world of trees. FANTASTIC FORESTS answers all one hundred of your kid’s questions about forests, the animals living in them, why some trees lose their leaves while others don’t, and more. All it takes is one page, and your kid is off on an amazing educational adventure!

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We want kids to stay curious, so we choose broad themes that can be broken down into smaller topics. Short spurts of reading encourage them to flip through the pages and learn about what interests them the most. Great for reading comprehension, exploring new ideas and subjects, and learning from home.


Worksheets help kids become independent learners. They are a super fun way for them to self-check their knowledge, enhance their critical thinking skills and dig deeper into the topic. The best part is that all the information they need to succeed is in the workbook- no outside help is needed!


Here at Elapen, we love math! That’s why in every workbook, kids find multiple pages of fun topic-based math activities for four different levels. Every kid can find worksheets for their level, but we hope that they will challenge themselves to try the next one and learn even more!

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy for kids may sound snooze-worthy, but it’s important to learn how to make good decisions from a young age. We add one page of kid-friendly financial literacy in each workbook to encourage kids to understand “wants vs. needs” and the differences between “spend”, “save,” and “give”.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Another important topic- Emotional intelligence. How to differentiate between different emotions and feelings and understanding ourselves is challenging. Elapen workbooks help kids become more equipped to handle the ups and downs of daily life by encouraging easy self-check-ins.


To finish a crossword puzzle, your kid has to think, question, and ask themselves questions. These word games are perfect for curious and inquisitive minds as it helps solidify the concepts they’re learning. Crossword puzzles for kids also help improve spelling!


Brain teasers! Every workbook is full of mind-boggling, solvable puzzles for kids. All of our games and puzzles are not-so-secretly created to improve their problem-solving skills, concentration, and logical thinking… but they’ll only notice the fun!


Not just logical puzzles, Elapen workbooks also encourage creativity! Though every grey-scale page is an opportunity to color, specific coloring pages come with small prompts to help stimulate kid’s imaginations. Coloring is an important lesson for self-expression!


Kids love comics. Our teachers break the fourth wall and create comics with embedded activities so that kids can jump into the story themselves and find solutions to help the characters solve a problem. Comics make reading fun.

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