43 pages of content

Forty-three pages of fun activities and worksheets for your kid! You will get two versions of a magazine, a colorful one and an easy-to-print greyscale one. Dig deep into the wondrous world of forests – a topic we all need to learn so much about. All it takes is one magazine and your kid is off on an adventure!

Information about the Forests

This month’s Elapen magazine is about FORESTS. Your kid will learn all about different types of forests, animals, why some forests are deciduous, and others coniferous, and more! We’ve created a fun educational magazine that will help share the most important information about this topic with the help of lots of illustrations!

Interesting facts

With every topic that we choose, there are so many fun facts that we learn as well! We want kids to be explorers and learn about new topics that interest them. Fun facts are a great way to make them question about the world around them and dig deeper into the topic.

Worksheets about the Forests

Every magazine has additional pages of worksheets about the topic on hand. Kids can enhance their critical thinking skills and implement their new knowledge to the worksheets, while having fun at the same time.

Math for 4 different levels

We love math! That’s why in every magazine, kids will find twenty pages of topic based mathematics activities for four different levels. This means that every kid will be able to find worksheets for their level and hopefully will be able to challenge themselves to learn even more!

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is important to learn from a young age, that’s why in every magazine we dedicated one page for financial literacy for kids. Kids will learn how to save and manage money, how to count it, and what’s is different with wants and needs.

Emotional Intelligence

Another important topic – emotional intelligence. Kids need to learn from a young age how to differentiate between different emotions and become equipped to handle them at the best of their ability. A great way to check in with you kid and help them understand tough topics.


Let’s see if your kid can recall information – that’s why we have crosswords and quizzes in our magazine to help solidify concepts and to make sure kids are understanding what is being taught – if not, the answers are always in the readings!


Brain teasers! In every magazine, kids will find an array of different puzzles to improve their problem-solving skills, concentration, and logical thinking.


Even though you will get two versions of our magazine – a colorful one and a ready-to-print greyscale one, we always dedicated a few pages for coloring to let kids be as creative as they want to!


On the last page of the magazine, kids will find comics tailored to the topic as well as a fun, story-based activity to help the characters solve their problems!