Polar Bear Facts for Kids

Fun Facts about Winter Animals: The Polar Bear

Do you know what a polar bear is? They are huge white winter animals that live in cold places. They can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and have to eat lots of food to stay warm. Polar bears usually live in the Arctic, but now they can also be found in zoos around the world. Learn more about these amazing animals in this blog post!

Ready to learn some fun facts about polar bears? Let’s go! Polar Bear Facts for Kids!

What do polar bears look like?

Polar bears are heavy animals with bulky frames. They have long necks, small heads, and short ears. The males can weigh anywhere between 410-720 kilograms while females remain smaller at about 385 kilograms on average. A polar bear can grow up to 1.6 meters tall. Their fur makes excellent camouflage within Arctic environments since the white matches the surrounding scenery. Sometimes they can hide so well that they look like one of the Artic’s snowdrifts! 

But did you know a polar bear’s skin is actually black?  

Where do polar bears live?

Polar bears spend most of their lives on the Arctic sea ice because that is where these bears can hunt their primary food source: seals. That means that Polar bears are found in the U.S. state of Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Northern Norway in Svalbard. 

The Latin name for this majestic species, Ursus maritimus, means “sea bear”. This name hints at why these furry creatures have spent so much time living by our seas’ shores!

Fun Fact: 60% of the world’s polar bears live in Canada! 

What are the predators of a polar bear?

The polar bear doesn’t have any natural predators! Apart from humans sometimes (humans are actually more afraid of polar bears than they are of us!), a polar bear is a the top of their food chain. 

But the number of polar bears is declining due to climate change melting the Arctic’s sea ice (where they live and hunt!), dangerous chemicals and poisons polluting the oceans, and humans over-fishing (meaning that there is fewer fish for them to eat!). 

Do polar bears live alone?

Female polar bears live with their cubs for up to 2.5 years. Other than that, polar bears are solitary animals. 

Fun Fact: A polar bear can roam over 10,000 kilometers a year!

What do polar bears eat?

The polar bear diet is filled with seals, walruses, whale carcasses, and occasionally small birds, fish, berries, and seaweed. But if a polar bear can’t find food right away, there’s no need to worry as they can live without food for up to 12 months!

Fun Fact: A polar bear has a fantastic sense of smell and can sniff a seal’s breathing hole that’s covered by snow from one kilometer away! 

What do you call a baby polar bear?

A cub! When a polar bear cub is born, they can’t see or hear for at least a month! But within 8 to 10 months, they’re already catching their first meal themselves. 

Where do Polar Bears sleep?

Polar bears make small holes in the snow called pits to sleep in. They’ll face their back to the blowing wind and even use their paw as a pillow to get even more comfortable! Just like huskies, they let the snow pile up around them for extra protection against the elements since it provides additional insulation and warmth.  

How long can a polar bear live?

A polar bear can live between 20 to 35 years in the wild, but its lifespan increases to 43 years when in captivity. 

Fun Fact: Polar bears can jog as fast as horses! But only for very short distances because they overheat quickly.  

Pretty cool, right?

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