Snowy Owl Facts for Kids

Fun Facts about Winter Birds: The Snowy Owl

Have you ever seen a snowy owl? Did you know that snowy owls live in cold environments? In fact, they often make their homes in the Arctic tundra. These beautiful birds can be quite shy, but they are also very curious. If you’re lucky enough to see one in the wild, be sure to take some pictures! Learn more about these amazing birds in this blog post!

Ready to learn some fun facts about snowy owls? Let’s go! Snowy Owl Facts for Kids!

What does a snowy owl look like?

Snowy Owls are large white birds with black or brown markings on their body and wings. Females usually have more dark markings than males, who are much paler in color. Having white feathers is excellent for the owls to catch prey in the winter since they camouflage with the snow. 

When sitting or perched, snowy owls may seem to have no shape at all other than being a big round blob thanks to their round body shape, very short necks, and rounded heads. But even though these birds may seem to have no shape at all when perched, don’t let their round appearance fool you-this creature has sharp edges! Their black beaks and talons are incredibly strong! They also have large yellow eyes. 

Fun Fact: A snowy owl’s wingspan is almost 5 feet wide (1.5 meters)!

Where do snowy owls live?

Snowy owls are found high in the Northern Hemisphere in Greenland, Canada, Europe, Russia, Japan, and Scandinavia.

Fun Fact: Because the winter season is so cold, snowy owls’ feet are covered in feathers to help keep them warm! The feathers act like fuzzy socks. 

What are the predators of a snowy owl?

A snowy owl doesn’t have many predators! They usually need to look out for foxes like the Arctic fox and wolves. They are the most vulnerable when they are nesting on the ground. Some gulls and other small land mammals like the arctic fox will also try to take the snowy owl’s eggs and chicks, or owlets, out of their nests.

Do snowy owls live alone?

Snowy owls like to live alone. They are solitary birds and also very territorial. Males defend their territories during the breeding season while looking for a female mate.

What does a snowy owl eat?

Snowy owls are carnivores meaning they only eat meat. They hunt for small mammals like arctic foxes, rabbits, and lemmings and are also known to eat small seabirds. 

Fun Fact:  When eating, snowy owls swallow small prey whole. 

What do you call a baby snowy owl?

A snowy owl baby is not called a chick like most other birds. They’re called “owlets”! When the owlets hatch, they are tiny and are covered in soft, white feathers. 

The average female snowy owl will lay 4 to 8 eggs. However, if there was a lot of food that year, the female could lay up to 12 eggs! 

Where do snowy owls sleep?

Unlike most owls, who are nocturnal creatures, meaning they sleep during the day and hunt at night, the snowy owl is most active during the day! They’ll hunt at any time, even though they prefer right before the sun comes up at dawn, or just before it goes to bed, at dusk. 

Snowy owls will often perch and rest on the ground, on top of mounds, rocks, fences, or buildings.

How long can a snowy owl live?

A snowy owl can live up to 10 years old in the wild! When in captivity, a snowy owl can live up to be 28 years old. 

Pretty cool, right?

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