Winter in Australia for Kids

What does a Winter in Australia look like?

Does Australia have Winters?

Have you ever been to a country in the Southern Hemisphere? Maybe you live in one right now! Many countries don’t get any snow during the winter and instead get a lot of rain. Australia is such a large country that during the winter, in some places it snows, in others it rains, and in some, the temperature is still very hot.

So if you’re visiting Australia during winter, especially in the southern parts of the country, be prepared for some cool weather! But don’t worry – there are plenty of things to do indoors and out to keep you warm and entertained. Keep reading to learn all about an Australian winter!

When does Winter in Australia start?

Winter in Australia starts in June and usually lasts for three months until August.

Fun Fact: June and July are often the coldest months in Australia, but the month of October is when it rains the most!

So, what are the seasons in Australia?

In Australia, the three hottest months of the year are December, January, and February. That is their summer. The coldest months of the year in Australia are June, July, and August. This is their winter season. Autumn or fall is usually in March, April, and May, and spring takes place during September, October, and November.

It’s the complete opposite of someone living in the Northern Hemisphere!

Does it snow in Australia?

Yes! In some places of Australia, it does snow. Most of the snowy regions even have mountains!

How cold does it get in Australia during the winter?

The Northern part of the country, with its tropical rainforests, and outback usually don’t get temperatures lower than 23 C (that’s about 75°F). But the lower and central regions of Australia do! Temperatures during an Australian winter can drop to as low as 5 degrees Celsius (that’s a chilly 41°F!). And it can get even colder in the mountains…

What is the coldest temperature to ever be recorded in Australia?

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Australia was on June 29th, 1994, in Charlottes’s Pass at −23.0 °C (that’s around −9.4 °F). Charlotte’s Pass is in the Australian Alps!

Can you ski or snowboard in Australia?

Yes! Australia has many famous ski resorts filled with happy skiers and snowboarders during the winter months. Both local Australians and international tourists love visiting them. Most of the mountain resorts are on the East side of the country, closer to the city of Sydney and further away from the city Perth.

Fun Fact: During the winter, a mountain range in southeast Australia called the Australian Alps gets more snowfall than Switzerland!

Which part of Australia is coldest?

The coldest state in Australia is located in the very south. It’s the island state of Tasmania.

Fun Fact: Tasmania is known to have some of the cleanest air in the world!

Pretty cool, right?

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